WOLFF 6523 Clear
WOLFF 6523 Clear
WOLFF 6523 Clear mandrel and wedge connection
WOLFF 6523 Clear mandrel and wedge connection
WOLFF 6523 Clear mandrel and wedge connection
WOLFF 6523 Clear lower chord
WOLFF 6523 Clear rope swivel traverse
WOLFF 6523 Clear railings and walkway

The new WOLFF 6523 Clear – proven lifting capacity with an innovative design

16.08.2023 | Press Release

A new addition to the WOLFF Pack: The WOLFF 6523 Clear, will soon complement WOLFFKRAN’s portfolio in the 224 mt class. The new flat top model is based on the popular classic WOLFF 6031 Clear, which is among Wolffkran’s best-selling cranes with its flat top design, its proven lifting capacities, and its ease of assembly. In addition, the WOLFF 6523 Clear is impressive thanks to its patented, newly designed jib, and its technical equipment for operating the WOLFF High-Speed-Positioning-System (HiSPS).

The HiSPS assistance system was introduced at bauma in 2022. Sensors on the trolley and hook block together with a control unit enable the load to be transported free of load sway by detecting the rope’s movements and automatically adjusting the movement and speed of the crane to it. Since the trolley always adjusts its position automatically via the hook block, not only is the wind impact eliminated, but it also prevents a diagonal pull on the load, making pushing the load by hand and pulling the hook manually easier and safer. The WOLFF 6523 Clear is the first WOLFF on the market with the technological prerequisites to activate HiSPS. It is an option that can be acquired when purchasing the crane. 

Patented jib design for optimized assembly and operation

In addition to being technically prepared for installation of HiSPS, the redesign of the jib of the WOLFF 6523 Clear is particularly noteworthy. The bottom chord connection of the jib sections has been re-developed with a patented design. Instead of using bolts, the jib sections, including the rope swivel traverse, are mounted on the front with a mandrel and wedge connection. In turn, in the top chord, the pins are now inserted into the pear-shaped holes, which enables far easier assembly without a hammer. “This new development also provides advantages during crane operation”, explains Dr. Mohamed Abouelezz, Head of Product Management and Business Development at Wolffkran. “Thanks to the smooth jib transitions, trolleys equipped with lateral guide rollers run more steadily and smoothly along the jib. This makes it easier to finely position the load, even without using the High-Speed-Positioning-System.”

Top-notch at the tip

The new WOLFF 6523 Clear is based on the proven lifting capacities of the WOLFF 6031 Clear and is also equipped with a 45 kw hoist winch. It lifts a maximum of 8.5 tons in 2-fall operation with a jib length of 30 meters and 12.5 tons in 4-fall operation with a reach of 21.5 meters. At a maximum jib length of 65 meters, the WOLFF 6523 Clear has a tip load capacity of 2.3 tons in normal operation and 2.5 tons with the activated WOLFF Boost function – top-class performance among the competition. The jib can be extended from 30 to 65 meters in 2.5-meter increments.

By default, the new addition to the portfolio is delivered with a combined UV 20/TV 20 tower connection, with which it can be mounted freestanding on a 2.0 x 2.0 meter tower of up to 69 meters. Using a 2.9 x 2.9 meter tower, it can even operate at 106 meters without tie-ins. The crane can be transported on four trucks or in five containers. Featuring a tried-and-tested design, the cabin and switch cabinet are located on the driver’s cab station, which is connected to the rotating frame, making assembly easy.

The WOLFF 6523 Clear will mainly be sold in the DACH region. A version with a maximum payload of 10.5 tons in 2-fall operation as well as an U.S. version are being planned. After the launch of the chaRope® presented at bauma 2022, the WOLFF 6523 Clear is optionally sold with the innovative plastic fiber rope, which can replace the steel rope 1:1.