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The Ultimate Crane Hire Guide

Are you considering hiring a tower crane for your next construction project but unsure where to start? 

Discover the Crane Hire Guide by WOLFFKRAN Ltd, which will assist you in every step of the tower crane hiring process, from initial contact to dismantling. It emphasises your responsibilities before, during, and after hire to ensure compliance with safety regulations. At the end, you'll find a helpful checklist for crane selection, installation, operation, and removal.


Our Towe Crane Hire Guide has everything you need to get started!

Luffing crane or saddle crane

Select an appropriate tower crane for your lifting operations.

The decision-making process considers factors like maximum lift height, lifting radius and capacity, crane types, base types, clearance issues, location considerations, power supply options, available accessories, and essential details for crane erection and dismantling. Our Guide provides a practical manual for project managers and construction professionals seeking to make informed decisions in the tower crane hiring process.

seamless tower crane deployment

Learn how WOLFFKRAN Ltd handle your order and delves into the critical steps for a seamless tower crane deployment. 

Understand WOLFFKRAN Ltd. and customer responsibilities, ensuring a well-prepared and coordinated process from site evaluation to crane erection.

tower crane erection

Uncover the Crane Erection Process.

From pre-erection preparations to precise adherence to manufacturer's procedures with certified personnel. This guide highlights safety measures and outlines post-erection procedures, providing a comprehensive overview of essential aspects of crane erection.
tower crane operation

Master Tower Crane Operation Essentials.

The Tower Crane Hire Guide delves into lifting team and site responsibilities. Discover tower crane security measures, lifting plans, ensuring compliance with regulations and codes of practice for enhanced safety and operational standards.
tower crane maintenance and inspection

Explore the thorough Maintenance and Inspection procedure designed by WOLFFKRAN to ensure the seamless operation of tower cranes.

Learn about WOLFFKRAN's comprehensive Maintenance and Inspection plan, a crucial element throughout the entire process of crane hire, emphasizing safety, reliability, and proactive resolution of potential issues.
tower crane dismantle

Gain a comprehensive understanding of WOLFFKRAN's pre-dismantle, planning, preparation, and dismantle.

Our guide offers unmatched knowledge on the pre-dismantle phase, and Tower Crane dsimantle stage, including documentation details, shared responsibilities, and clear instructions on navigating adverse weather conditions.