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For over 40 years WOLFFKRAN has been one of the leading manufacturer owned tower crane rental service providers, and by understanding the full extent of your onsite requirements to safely operate and optimise heavy lifting performance, WOLFF Onsite has chosen a comprehensive range of accessories and equipment to meet all your lifting needs, whatever the location or site conditions!


  • Safer lifting best practice

  • Quality and durability

  • Versatility and value

  • Technology and innovation


Our aim is to ensure that you, your project team and crane operators are able to achieve the maximum potential from your WOLFFKRAN tower crane, trusting in WOLFF Onsite’s first class componentry to minimalise risks, delays and break downs during lifting operations.
All WOLFF Onsite accessories and equipment are available to hire or purchase, please contact us with any requests that you may have, either when ordering your tower crane or at any time in the duration of your project.

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Tom McDaid
Sales Director
Tom McDaid

WOLFF Onsite heavy lifting sections

Lift safety & site protection

Blokcam is a wireless system that can be quickly and easily deployed to the hook block or boom tip of a crane. It allows the operator to see and hear the load and surroundings, giving an unobstructed, live, audio-visual feed of the critical areas that working in the blind would never allow.

WOLFF Onsite

Radio Equipment

Safely keeping in contact with your mobile workforce in the key to a crane operator’s success. In order to enhance crane to ground communications, WOLFF Onsite has developed a digital hands-free radio application that is installed within the cab of the crane.

WOLFF Onsite

Lifting essentials

Every lifting operation is different, with many sites employing a wide range of materials, from bricks to blocks, from steel to ‘soft and fragile’ items, and the most valuable of all – your workforce.

WOLFF Onsite

Shackles, slings and chains

WOLFF Onsite Steel bow shackles are part of our mainstay equipment range, and have been sourced and utilised by WOLFFKRAN for 40+ years due to their high quality manufacture and longevity.

WOLFF Onsite

Beams, lugs and skips

Bespoke lifting beams available to suit any lifting needs, including spreader beams, multi-point lifting beams, and counterbalance lifting beams.

WOLFF Onsite


Cages keep both the items and occupants safe at all times, reducing the need or requirement to improvise on site, maintaining the safety of you and your people whilst ensuring peal operational performance.

People Carriers

A key requirement of any operational construction site is a facility for the safe and speedy transfer of personnel to/from areas of the site that may be difficult to reach by other means.

WOLFF Onsite

Operator Rescue

The rescue system is made up of standard rescue equipment conforming to relevant European standards. The equipment is certified for use for 3 years. When this time expires or the system is used, it is sent to Heightworks for re-certification.

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