The WOLFF 6523.12 Clear and WOLFF 6017
Mandrel and wedge jib connection

Moortown Group take delivery of a new WOLFF 6523.12 Clear Saddle Jib Crane

23.05.2024 | News

Moortown Group has acquired the UK's first WOLFF 6523.12 Clear Tower Crane, which has been put straight to work on the £36m Sunderland Eye Infirmary project. This advanced crane, erected with a 54m tower height and 50m jib, will play a pivotal role in constructing the new hospital and regional cataract treatment centre in the North East of England. 

Sunderland, United Kingdom

WOLFF 6523
WOLFF 6017

Moortown Group
Kier Construction

Eye Infirmary

As part of a two-crane scheme, complementing the WOLFF 6523.12 Clear, Moortown Group has also rented a WOLFF 6017 crane for this project managed by main contractor Kier. This crane enhances construction efficiency with its 36m tower height and 35m jib. 

Pat Stapleton, Transport and Lifting Co-Ordinator from Moortown Group said: “The WOLFF 6523.12 Clear has been on the Sunderland project for a couple of months now and we’re already seeing the benefits of operating quality machinery. We are thrilled to add another piece of valuable kit to our existing fleet and expand our Plant facilities even more. This new addition will be in action for at least the next 12 months."

Comprehensive deal

Dave Holder, WOLFFKRAN's European Operations Director, explained: ''After initially considering WOLFF a decade ago, Moortown Group has now opted for the WOLFF 6523.12 Clear. This decision was supported by extensive technical assistance from our UK team and regular updates on the Sunderland Eye Infirmary project. This demonstrates the WOLFF 6523.12 Clear with its 50m jib as the ideal choice for Moortown Group’s current and future projects. Furthermore, a comprehensive service agreement ensures up to a decade of major parts warranty, with our technical specialists handling all maintenance needs."

Exceptional Performance of the new crane

WOLFF 6523.12 Clear offer up to 8.3 tons in 2-fall operation with a 30-meter jib and 12 tons in 4-fall operation with a 21.5-meter reach. Mounted to 2.0 x 2.0 meters (UV 20/TV20 offered by default), it can be mounted freestanding up to 69 meters. Using a 2.9 x 2.9-meter tower, it can even operate at 106 meters without tie-ins. 

The WOLFF 6523.12 Clear can also be equipped with a New WOLFF High-speed positioning assistance system, an innovation that revolutionises the way loads are moved by enabling control of the load precisely and without swaying.

Patented jib design for optimised assembly and operation

Instead of a bolt connection, the jib sections of WOLFF 6523.12 Clear are mounted on the front with a patented design- mandrel and wedge type connection enabling easier assembly without a hammer. "This new development also provides advantages during crane operation", explains Dr. Mohamed Abouelezz, Head of Product Management and Business Development at Wolffkran. "Thanks to the smooth jib transitions, trolleys equipped with lateral guide rollers run more steadily and smoothly along the jib."

Sunderland Eye Infirmary 

The Trust's new Eye Infirmary aims to enhance its position as a leading eye care provider in the UK and address the needs of an ageing population. It will feature an emergency department, medical retina, diagnostic imaging, outpatient services on the ground and first floors, and additional clinical services on the second and third floors. The project is scheduled to be completed in spring 2026.