100 Fetter Lane, Edenica
100 Fetter Lane, Edenica

Tight Space Solution for the Edenica at 100 Fetter Lane development

26.07.2023 | News

In the construction world, challenges often arise when working in tight spaces, and the 100 Fetter Lane project in London recently encountered one such obstacle. Erecting the WOLFF 355 B (TC1) crane in a tightly built-up area on Bream's Buildings Street presented a significant hurdle. However, a clever solution was devised by contractor Keltbray to overcome the space constraints and ensure the smooth progress of the project. 

WOLFFKRAN utilised a 450 t mobile crane with reduced outriggers and a variable counterweight radius. Two outriggers were positioned on top of the site capping beam, while the other two were carefully placed on large mats in the road. This approach allowed the crane to fit into the designated spot and to be rigged on a Friday night, ready for lifting operations to commence the following morning. 

Furthermore, the initial crane, TC1, erected TC2 (another WOLFF 355 B), which will later be repositioned as TC2A on the core. After completing its tasks, TC2A will disassemble TC1, and it will be dismantled by another mobile crane, ensuring the seamless progression of the project. 

The Edenica development encompasses demolishing the existing building and constructing a new one for office and retail use. The structure will consist of a basement level, ground floor, mezzanine, 12 upper storeys and a roof plant level. 

Photographer: Neil McAleer