Three new WOLFF hydraulic luffing jib cranes on Wates’ Gascoigne West residential project in London

03.08.2020 | Press Release

Three brand new WOLFF hydraulic luffing jib cranes have been delivered to Wates Residential for work on their Gascoigne Road project in Barking, East London. Wates selected a WOLFF 166 B and the first two WOLFF 133 B luffers to enter the Wolffkran UK Hire Fleet.

Gascoigne Road, London

Wates Residential

1x WOLFF 166 B
2x WOLFF 133 B

The narrow nature of the site, with residents close on both sides and a school at the top end, made it the ideal job for three WOLFF luffing jib cranes. They were located in a row to serve each of the three new housing blocks and are due to be on-site for over a year. The cranes’ hydraulic luffing mechanism and precision controls offer fast and accurate lifting. The hydraulic system also allows the cranes to park their jibs at a much steeper radius so that cranes can be located closer to each other.

The WOLFF 166 B and WOLFF 133 B luffers can stand free with a height of up to 93 meters. Component weights can be split down to five tonnes for erection and dismantlement.

The £62 million project will renew Barking and Dagenham Council’s aging housing stock on the west side of the Gascoigne Estate, with 201 new homes, completed in spring 2022. The project will see part of the 1960s estate redeveloped into a modern, environmentally friendly community, with a play area, open spaces and car charging points and more than 360 new bicycle parking spaces. The new homes will also contribute to a 40 per cent reduction in carbon emissions thanks to a connection to the forthcoming Barking Town Centre District Heating Network and the installation of solar panels.

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