Our Space Savers – WOLFF Luffing Jib Cranes

WOLFF luffing cranes demonstrate their true strength on confined construction sites. The WOLFF patented design of the counter jib-tower top unit and latest WOLFF crane controls stand for maxiumum efficiency in the most restricted of spaces.

WOLFF Luffers

WOLFF Luffers

Peak performance in small spaces
  • Luffing jib cranes from 125 tm to 1250 tm
  • Hoisting winches from 28 kW to 132 kW
  • Designed for use in confined spaces
The Tower Top-Counter Jib Unit

The Tower Top-Counter Jib Unit

WOLFF patented design
  • Tower top, counter jib and jib all connect to a central connecting frame
  • Reduced weight of individual components compared to traditional design
  • Reduced tail swing since counter jib can be kept shorter
  • Reduced minimal working radius since the jib hinge point is further back
WOLFF Controls

WOLFF Controls

Working safely and efficiently
  • Fast line speeds since the control automatically adjust the performance of all drives
  • Patented slack rope monitoring
  • Horizontal load path – the load is kept at the same height when boom is raised or lowered
  • Comprehensive system tests to support the crane driver


The hydraulic WOLFF Luffer
  • Most compact luffing jib crane in the 160 tm class
  • Design without a tower top, using a hydraulic luffing system instead of the conventional rope luffing system
  • Reduced transportation and assembly costs
  • Hoisting winch is integrated on the jib, which can therefore be completely preassembled – including reeving of the hoist rope – on the ground

WOLFF Series Standard