WOLFF High-Speed Positioning System prevents the loads from swaying

The new WOLFF High-Speed Positioning System revolutionizes the way loads are moved by enabling the crane operator to control the load precisely and without swaying.

Thanks to battery-powered sensors on the trolley and crane hook, the assistance system recognizes the rope movements and automatically adjusts the crane movements. Even loads that are already swaying can be safely stabilized, significantly minimizing the risk of accidents and damage. The anti-collision system is also optimized, as both the crane and the load are automatically halted within the working range limitation.

Avoid waiting times with WOLFF HiSPS

By continuously measuring the rope angle on the trolley and hook block, it is possible to ensure that the load is always optimally positioned. At the touch of a button, WOLFF HiSPS enables immediate load stabilization, saving you time and allowing you to work more efficiently. WOLFF HiSPS ensures permanent stabilization, meaning that load sway is a thing of the past. Optimize your load handling and maximize efficiency with our innovative technology.

Maximize efficiency with WOLFF HiSPS technology

Thanks to position memory, points can be approached precisely and repeatedly. This enables reliable and efficient operation. As soon as the saved zone is reached, the innovative WOLFF HiSPS technology ensures that the axes are automatically braked. This not only guarantees highest precision, but also makes work safer and more efficient.

With WOLFF HiSPS, you can now experience smooth processes and maximum control on load handling.

Minimize the influence of wind

Unexpected swinging due to sudden gusts of wind can lead to dangerous load swaying. The risk is effectively counteracted by activating WOLFF HiSPS. Even in unforeseen wind conditions, the integrated rope angle measurement enables prompt and reliable stability of the load. Rely on WOLFF HiSPS to minimize potential risks and ensure a safe working environment.

Effortless load pushing

The use of WOLFF HiSPS not only ensures safety but also makes load pushing effortless. The innovative technology enables precise positioning of the load to the desired location.

The synchronized trolley moves evenly with the movements of the load, resulting in a smooth and efficient work process.

Hook pulling has been made possible

WOLFF HiSPS ensures that hook pulling is now possible and enables precise alignment to the desired position. Due to WOLFF HiSPS, the parallel movement of the trolley reacts precisely to the hook movement and follows the hook synchronously.

WOLFF HiSPS prevents dangerous diagonal pull

Without WOLFF HiSPS, lifting can lead to dangerous load sway due to a non-centered hook block position. WOLFF HiSPS prevents diagonal pull by continuously adjusting the position of the trolley to the load's center of gravity. WOLFF HiSPS’ innovative technology therefore not only ensures a safe working environment, but also minimizes the risk of dangerous diagonal pull.



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