Hungaroring Project under Redevelopment

WOLFF 8033 working on the Hungaroring

29.02.2024 | News

In a recently released video, the impressive redesign of the famous Hungaroring in Hungary is presented in an impressive way. The video captures the beauty and innovation of this renowned racetrack while showcasing the outstanding WOLFF 8033.20 crane in its full glory.

The combination of the fascinating redesign of the Hungaroring and the impressive display of the WOLFF 8033.20 tower crane makes this video a real visual treat. It is a tribute to the art of engineering and the beauty of motorsport, captured in a masterful video presentation.

For motorsport and technology fans alike, this YouTube video is an absolute must-see. Not only does it offer a unique insight into the redesign of a legendary race track, but it also showcases the impressive performance of the WOLFF 8033.20 crane in an unparalleled way.

Watch the video for yourself and be enchanted by the beauty and innovation of the Hungaroring and the WOLFF 8033.20 crane!

We are proud to be involved in this project in cooperation with our client Bayer Construct in Hungary.

Crane details

Crane typeCrane baseJib radius (m)Tower height (m)Max. load capacity (t)BGL Group (tm)
WOLFF 8033.20 CrossFoundation Anchor 603620450