Our All-Rounders – WOLFF Clear Cranes

The WOLFF Clear  line stands for maximum efficiency with regard to transportation and assembly time and cost due to fewer components.

WOLFF Clear Cranes

WOLFF Clear Cranes

Simply efficient
  • Cranes from 80 tm to 315 tm
  • Hoisting winches from 28 kW to 75 kW
  • Efficient transportation and assembly due to flat-top design
  • All components are optimized for container transportation
The Tower Top

The Tower Top

Simply organized
  • The lower part of the tower top with the slewing frame and upper part of the tower top come preassembled as one unit ex works
  • The tower top can be mounted as one unit or split into individual components
  • Despite the compact design of the tower top, the slewing gear, the cabin platform with switch cabinet and the counter jib can be accessed easily, without any add-on parts in the way
The Cabin Platform

The Cabin Platform

Simply compact
  • The driver‘s cab and switch cabinet are integrated in one unit – the WOLFF cabin platform
  • It can be transported as a whole and mounted on the crane with only two bolts
  • Once connected, the crane can be slewed to support the assembly work
The Counterweights

The Counterweights

Simply unmistakable
  • The counterweights of the WOLFF Clear cranes are all of the same size – either 1.8 t, 2.05 t or 2.7 t heavy depending on the crane size
  • The uniform concrete blocks prevent confusion and weight calculation errors, and have advantages when it comes to storage, planning and transportation
  • The counterweights are simply hung into the counter jib using the proven stud axle system

WOLFF Series Standard