Our Giants – WOLFF Cross Cranes

The original WOLFF  Cross  tower crane is first choice when it comes to heavy loads and long jib radii.

WOLFF Cross Cranes

WOLFF Cross Cranes

Heavy loads, long jibs
  • Cranes from 250 tm to 630 tm
  • Hoisting winches from 45 kW to 110 kW
  • Jibs from 20 m to 90 m
  • First choice, when it’s about lifting heavy loads up high
The Design

The Design

Classical crane top design
  • Cranes with classical tower tops for lifting heavier loads and high hook heights
  • Cranes with multiple jib bracings for even more load capacity and greater jib lengths
  • Time-tested design continuously upgraded to include latest technology
The Characteristics

The Characteristics

Modular, versatile, reliable
  • Quick and safe assembly due to proven WOLFF pin connection
  • Adaptable to many situations thanks to modular tower system and crane bases
  • Versatile in use due to broad load range spectrum and jib ranges
  • Equipped with the latest WOLFF controls as standard

WOLFF Series Standard