WOLFF 7534

More new WOLFF Cranes to join the UK fleet in 2023!

12.07.2023 | News

Earlier this year we announced WOLFFKRAN were to add ten brand new WOLFF Tower Cranes to its UK fleet. The decision has been made to accelerate growth plans delivering a total of twenty cranes to the British Isles in 2023. Some of the units have already been delivered and are working on customer job sites.

We remain fully committed to provide industry leading, safe and reliable lifting solutions to our customers who benefit from our extensive fleet. Adrian Hawkins, Sales Director, UK and Ireland said “This is exciting news for us and our customers. These welcome additions reinforces our commitment to the UK market.”

What you need to know about our new cranes?

WOLFF 235 B – This luffing jib crane is based on the proven load capacities of its predecessor (WOLFF 180 B). It excels on high-rise construction sites with a significant amount of reinforced concrete. It has a maximum lifting capacity of 16 tonnes and a reach of up to 60 metres.

WOLFF 275 B - offers a maximum lifting capacity of 24 tonnes and a reach of up to 60 metres. Due to their compact design, WOLFF luffing cranes are easy to assemble and disassemble, making them ideal for sites with limited space.

WOLFF 355 B – is designed to work efficiently in tight spaces and is easy to assemble and disassemble for a crane of this size. This model is the ideal construction crane for the UK market especially when considering growing modular construction and increasingly heavier panel weights. It has a maximum lifting capacity of 28 tonnes and a reach of up to 60 metres.

WOLFF 630 B –the largest luffing jib crane to be joining the UK fleet this year. With a maximum jib length of 70 metres, it can work in 1 fall / 14 tonnes max.; 2 falls / 28 tonnes max. or a 3 falls to lift a maximum capacity of 42te. This WOLFF is the perfect crane for lifting heavy modular units, pods or cladding. It is the ideal crane for heavy civil projects such as Energy from Waste, power Stations, Bridge construction and more.

WOLFF 7534.8 Clear and a smaller WOLFF 6020.8 Clear tower cranes, with a clear and “tidy” design of its flattop, allows easy access to all parts. The jib can be assembled in the air, which is particularly helpful when the small mobile crane is used, or there is not enough space on the ground available for the preassembly. The 7534.8 offers a maximum lifting capacity of 8.5 tonnes and a reach of up to 75 metres making this a perfect model for mid-size construction projects, especially when the multi-crane scheme is in place, and cranes have to slew above each other. WOLFF 6020.8 offers a maximum lifting capacity of 8.5 tonnes and a maximum jib radius of 60 metres. This crane is perfect for small to medium size projects.