FAZ Tower Frankfurt
FAZ Tower Frankfurt
FAZ Tower Frankfurt

Four WOLFFs build new F.A.Z. headquarters in Frankfurt

14.12.2020 | News

The new Europaviertel district in Frankfurt is seeing the construction of a host of new high-rise buildings. A pack of WOLFF cranes can currently be found at work on various job sites along the district’s major traffic axis.  Among them, four flat-top WOLFF Clear cranes belonging to Adolf Lupp GmbH + Co KG for the construction of the new 18-story headquarters of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, one of the country’s major newspapers.

FAZ Tower

Europa-Allee 92, 60486 Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Office Buildings

Adolf Lupp GmbH + Co KG

2 x WOLFF 7534.16 Clear
2 x WOLFF 6031.12 Clear

Crane with freestanding tower height
of 97.3 m

Crane assembly from pedestrian refuge in major traffic axis

Since the mobile crane for the assembly of the WOLFF 7534.16 Clear with a freestanding tower height of 97.3 meters could not be positioned on the restricted construction site, this had to be done from the central pedestrian refuge separating the lanes of the busy Europa-Allee.

16-tonne lift carried out on short notice

During the construction work, a 16-tonne prefabricated staircase was integrated into the building plan short notice. Although not a problem for the WOLFF 7534.16 with a maximum load capacity of 16.5 tonnes, the unplanned heavy lift did require a specially trained crane operator.

In good company

The construction site is located in the immediate vicinity of the "Zebra" project, an office building, which is also being built by Lupp using three WOLFF cranes.

Crane details

Crane typeCrane baseJib radius (m)Tower height (m)Max. load capacity (t)BGL Group (tm)
WOLFF 7534.16 ClearFoundation Anchors45.082.516.5315
WOLFF 7534.16 ClearFoundation Anchors52.593.716.5315
WOLFF 6031.12 ClearFoundation Anchors40.051.012.0224
WOLFF 6031.12 ClearFoundation Anchors50.060.012.0224