WOLFF 7021 Clear
WOLFF 7021 Clear
WOLFF 7021 Clear
WOLFF 7021 Clear
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The new WOLFF 7021 Clear: An installation champion with unsurpassed tip load capacity

27.03.2024 | Press Release

WOLFF Clear cranes in the medium load moment range are among WOLFFKRAN’s most popular models. At the last bauma trade fair, the crane manufacturer presented a new model in the 200 mt class, the WOLFF 7021 FX. The prototype was fundamentally redesigned following intensive discussions with WOLFFKRAN customers and operators. The result was the WOLFF 7021 Clear, a flat top powerhouse that competes in the 224 mt class. It is unrivaled in terms of lifting capacity, assembly and maintenance.

“At first glance, the WOLFF 7021 Clear may seem like a mere extension of our portfolio in the medium load moment range,” says Patrick Witteck, Project Manager at Wolffkran GmbH. “But its true innovative power lies in the details.”

Effortless assembly: Boom and counter jib redesigned

To improve assembly and accessibility, the ballast frame with the hoist winch was conceived to be assembled and disassembled on the stationary crane and not on the ground, as was previously the case. “Thanks to a quick connection, the ballast frame is very easy to attach to the counter jib and equally easy to remove for transportation. This allows us to significantly reduce the assembly weights of the counter jib,” explains Patrick Witteck. An auxiliary crane is optionally available for service work on the hoisting gear. Additional transport advantages: The railings on the counter jib have been redesigned so that they do not have to be removed during transportation. This also applies to the new variable platform on the ballast frame. Jib parts can now be transported on the counter jib to save space. Transport mounts for the booms are also available. Last but not least, customers can now position the panel with their company logo more visibly thanks to the design adjustments to the counter jib.

The jib of the WOLFF 7021 Clear is also particularly easy to assemble and maintain. Particularly noteworthy is the innovative, patented upper and lower boom connection previously introduced on the WOLFF 6523 Clear: The lower boom of the jib and the rope swivel traverse are assembled with a pin and wedge connection at the front instead of bolts. On the top chord, the bolts are inserted into holes, which makes assembly much easier with no need for a hammer. The smooth transitions ensure more fluid movement of the trolley, which facilitates fine positioning of the load. 

Additional platforms, both in the area of the rope sheave bearing between the jib and the driver's cab, are an asset for crane personnel. While the former facilitates maintenance of the guide pulleys, the latter enables the crane operator to change the batteries of the High-Speed Positioning System (HiSPS) without safety equipment. An additional variable platform for the split assembly of the jib and anti-slip, wider walkways complement the new design and increase safety and efficiency when operating the crane.

Tailor-made design for specific customer requirements

“By redesigning the tower top section, we are responding to customer requests for more differentiated pricing of WOLFF cranes while also offering further well-thought-out design adaptations,” explains Patrick Witteck.

The WOLFF 7021 Clear can optionally be ordered with a divisible lower part of the top, which reduces the assembly weight of the tower top section to up to 6.4 tons. In this version, the tower top section is equipped with an adapter for the UV/TV 20 tower system and can be climbed. It can also be fitted with an optional mounting platform, which makes accessibility easier and ensures greater occupational safety. “For more price-sensitive customers, we alternatively offer a non-divisible, non-climbable eco lower part of the top, which has a modest assembly weight of 10.6 tons,” says Witteck. Both variants of the lower part of the top offer standard, easy-to-fill central lubrication of the slewing ring and optionally of the tooth flanks as well. A lubrication pinion can be installed on request. For even more convenient operation, the tower top section is available with an auxiliary crane for maintenance work on the slewing gear and a switch for the power supply, which can be installed without a qualified electrician.

Lifting capacity and transport efficiency

The WOLFF 7021 Clear has been designed as a double-reeve crane and is now available as the WOLFF 7021.8 Clear with a lifting capacity of 8.5 tons and the WOLFF 7021.10 Clear with a lifting capacity of 10.5 tons. A 12.5-ton version is currently being planned. With its tip load capacity of 2.1 tons (2.3 tons with WOLFF Boost) at 70 meters of jib, it is clearly ahead of the competition. The jib can be extended between 25 and 70 meters in 2.5-meter increments. The WOLFF 7021 Clear is equipped with two slewing gears and, depending on the version, is available with a 45 kW (8.5 and 10.5 tonnes) or a 67 kW hoisting gear (12.5 tonnes), achieving a working speed of up to 94 metres per minute. This all-rounder will mainly be deployed in Europe and can be transported on three trucks in a space-optimized manner thanks to its smart design with numerous dismountable components.

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