Canada Water, London

Five WOLFF cranes are involved in the "Canada Water" project in London

02.02.2023 | News

A total of five WOLFF 355 B luffing cranes are working on the construction of two plots for one of London's largest mixed-use regeneration projects, Canada Water. The developer, British Land, will use numerous environmentally friendly solutions, including system that reuses waste heat from offices to heat residential homes.

London, United Kingdom


5 x 355 B

Canada Water, Plot A1 & Plot A2

Plot A1

Plot A1, awarded to Wates, is a mixed-use development containing ground-floor retail, a 5-storey offices and a 35-story tall building providing 186 new apartments.

WOLFFKRAN is providing Wates with two WOLFF 355 B luffing cranes.

The first crane will work on slipforming the core to full height. The crane will be tied to the core as it rises and climbed three times to a final tower height of 126 m. As the floor plates rise, the long ties to the core will be removed and replaced by shorter ties which will be attached to steel posts supplied by WOLFFKRAN which span between two floor levels. The ties and floor to floor posts are designed to be re-usable.

Plot A2

Plot A2 awarded to Mace will be a six-storey development with a leisure centre at ground and basement levels, retail along the high street with retail and workspace on the upper floors.

Three WOLFF 355 B tower cranes are working now on this Plot.

The operators on this part of the project are also equipped with 1Guava mobile app that allows real-time data collection on crane use. 1Guava helps Mace with easy crane allocation to subcontractors, re-solving disputes about cranes and increasing productivity.

Safety systems in place

Due to the railway near the Canada Water project, the cranes' lifting capacities have been reduced by 25%. The cranes are electronically zoned to prevent them from lifting loads over the railway boundary and outside the sites perimeter. The anti-collision system was also fitted to prevent the cranes from clashing.


Crane details

Crane typeCrane baseJib radius (m)Tower height (m)Max. load capacity (t)BGL Group (tm)
WOLFF 355 B Foundation Anchor5065.3-123.810.5C.0.11.0355
WOLFF 355 BFoundation Anchor5031.510.5C.0.11.0355
WOLFF 355 BKreuzrahmen6032.710.5C.0.11.0355
WOLFF 355 B, 2-fallFoundation Anchor5031.521C.0.11.0355
WOLFF 355 BFoundation Anchor5531.510.5C.0.11.0355