CITB add a new WOLFF tower crane at the National Construction College, UK

17.10.2022 | News

CITB has invested in a WOLFF 6023.8 flat top tower crane. For WOLFFKRAN, this is a proud moment, as from now on, future generations of lifting specialists will complete their training operating a WOLFF machine.

Bircham Newton, United Kingdom

CITB (The Construction Industry Training Board in the United Kingdom)

1 x 6023.8

Top specification for training needs

CITB purchased the WOLFF 6023.8 flat top tower crane as it perfectly fulfilled the college's requirements. It is a typical construction tower crane equipped with modern technology that will allow future trainees to prepare themselves for actual construction sites.

The WOLFF 6023.8 is mounted on a 6 m x 6 m static cruciform base with the addition of 30 t of central ballast. The tower stands at 31.5 m with a front jib length of 40 m. It can lift 8.5 t to a radius of 25.8 m and 5.2 t to a maximum radius of 40 m.

The WOLFF cab will provide the best ergonomic comfort to all who sit in the chair. The WOLFF controls are smooth and user-friendly, giving the perfect training and operational experience.

The WOLFF 6023.8 purchase agreement between CITB & WOLFFKRAN includes a full service & maintenance package ensuring the machine remains in first-class condition throughout its lifetime at Bircham Newton.

Customer perspectives       

The college's instructors are excited about the new asset that will provide candidates with experience of one of the best machines available.

John Aiken, a Senior Instructor at CITB, tells us: "We are really proud, the NCC, to have taken delivery of this WOLFFKRAN 6023.8 flat top tower crane. It will provide an excellent platform for tower crane training for our commercial and apprentice delegates alike."

"Having this crane here is going to help massively with the training that our candidates and our apprentices get." Harry Skoyles, Crane Operator Instructor, said. "The leavers on these are incredible, how nice and smooth the crane is and how silent the crane is as well. Everything is at your fingertips.’’ and that is a real benefit.

A bit of history

Cooperation between WOLFFKRAN and CITB dates back to 2004 when the first group of students were trained at National College East, Bircham Newton, in Norfolk. Since then, we regularly delivered lifting specialists to the industry.

Due to the success of the apprenticeship scheme, the current WOLFFKRAN operator department is formed of over twenty-five per cent of completed apprenticeships. Some have continued their professional development progressing into supervising, planning and managerial roles.

One of the WOLFFKRAN employees, Tom Holder, involved in the erection of the WOLFF 6053.8, recalls: "My career started in 2005. I started the course of Plant Mechanics at National Construction College, which was maintaining the mechanical side of the machines. I've had a long career for WOLFFKRAN, over 17 years now. Worked myself to be a Lead Erector. Now I'm back at the college erecting a brand new crane."