Parcel 12, Boston, WOLFF 1250 B
Parcel 12 Boston US WOLFF 1250 B
Parcel 12 Boston US WOLFF 1250 B
Parcel 12 Boston US WOLFF 1250 B
Parcel 12 Boston US WOLFF 1250 B
Parcel 12, Boston, WOLFF 1250 B
Parcel 12, Boston, WOLFF 1250 B

WOLFF 1250 B is best choice crane for job over Massachusetts Turnpike

19.10.2021 | News

Massachusetts’ capital city Boston is currently seeing the construction of a mixed-use development across the Mass Pike, an 8-lane expressway through the city’s center. Known as Parcel 12 the development will include a 24-story office building and a public plaza with storefront retail space that spans the turnpike and connects to a hotel on the other side. Steel erector Structures Derek International is using a WOLFF 1250 B owned by authorized WOLFFKRAN dealer Select Crane Sales to tackle the challenges of the job.

Parcel 12
(mixed-use development)

Boston (tbd Boylson Street)
Massachusetts, USA

Commercial Buildings

Structures Derek International

1 x WOLFF 1250 B

Heavy lifts above expressway
Tight schedule
Air rights

Tight schedule calls for the use of a tower crane

Structural work on the Parcel 12 Project is planned to take between 14 and 18 months. This requires a construction schedule that would not have been feasible with mobile cranes, which is why it was decided to use a tower crane for the project.

High lifting capacities required for work above major traffic artery

Beyond the decision in favor of a tower crane, the required lifting capacities were the main reason for the WOLFF 1250 B.  Apart from handling heavy structural steel components, a safety factor of 1.5 is applied to all lifts, given that work takes place above a busy city expressway and adjacent commuter railroad. That's where the WOLFF 1250 B comes into its own, with a maximum lifting capacity of 60 tonnes (66 USt) and a tip load of 15 tonnes (16.5 USt) at a radius of 70 meters.

Best choice when air rights are involved

The strict observance of air rights was another reason speaking for the WOLFF 1250 B. Unlike a hammerhead or flat-top crane, the luffing jib crane can raise its boom to shorten the radius and avoid slewing over neighboring properties. 

80 meters freestanding

The WOLFF 1250 B was erected this August and will be climbed to a freestanding tower height of 80 meters (260 feet), providing a hook height of 150 meters (490 feet) in combination with its 70-meter (230-foot) jib. Upon completion of the building's 111 meter (365 feet) high concrete core, the crane will tied in on level 10 and climbed another 18 meters (100 feet).

Crane details

Crane typeCrane baseJib radius (m)Tower height (m)Max. load capacity (t)BGL Group (tm)
WOLFF 1250 B USFoundation Anchors7098601250