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The leader of the pack is committed to protecting the climate

As an industrial company, WOLFFKRAN is keenly aware of its special responsibility to future generations. We have therefore neutralized our CO2 emissions by purchasing a total of 8,070 climate protection certificates for the years 2020 and 2021. In doing so, we are laying the foundation for a conscious approach to our climate and the implementation of further measures to reduce our carbon footprint and promote climate protection.

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WOLFFKRAN is climate neutral

WOLFFKRAN is one of the first manufacturers in the industry to voluntarily compensate for its greenhouse gas emissions in accordance with the “Clean Development Mechanism” defined in the Kyoto Protocol.

This means that we have had the annual greenhouse gas emissions of our two production sites in Heilbronn and Luckau, as well as our R&D Center in Ilsfeld in Germany, measured and offset them by purchasing 8,070 climate certificates in favor of a hydropower project in Uganda for 2020 and 2021.

Offsetting 4,035 tonnes of CO2 emissions per year

We commissioned the external sustainability consultancy Fokus Zukunft to calculate our carbon footprint. Applying the official Greenhouse Gas Protocol guideline, it determined a total annual footprint of 4,035 tonnes of CO2-equivalent pollutants for our sites in Heilbronn, Ilsfeld and Luckau.

Each ton of CO2 was offset by the purchase of a climate certificate from a hydropower project in Uganda. The CO2 certificates purchased were retired and can therefore no longer be traded on the open market.


Bujagali Hydropower Project

Through the purchase of the climate certificates, WOLFFKRAN supports the Bujagali Hydropower Project on the Victoria Nile in Uganda, providing 90 percent of the country’s renewable energy with a capacity of 250 MW.

This saves 478,272 tonnes of CO2 emissions annually compared to conventional energy sources in addition to contributing to the sustainable economic development of Uganda.

The Bujagali Hydropower Project has been CER certified by the United Nations and the achieved carbon savings have been verified by the TÜV.


Further climate protections measures to follow

Carbon credits are only one aspect of WOLFFKRAN’s commitment to mitigate climate change. In the coming years we plan to:

  • Install solar panels on the roofs of our sites in Heilbronn, Luckau and Ilsfeld
  • Convert our production facilities to 100% green energy
  • Comprehensively educate our staff on how to conserve energy and resources in their day-to-day work
  • Support a reforestation project in the Luckau region Förderung eines Waldaufforstungsprojekts in der Region Luckau
  • Plant flower fields and establish bee colonies in collaboration with Heilbronn schools