WOLFFKRAN Plant Heilbronn, Germany

WOLFFKRAN Werk Heilbronn

Where the heart of WOLFFKRAN beats

In 1959 Julius Wolff & Co. moves from the founding site in the Rosskampfstrasse to the new plant in the Austrasse, where WOLFF cranes for the whole world are manufactured to date.

Besides the manufacturing and logistics departments, the site in Heilbronn is also home to WOLFFKRAN’s technical service department and the international spare parts team. It also accommodates various administrative departments.

Currently approx. 200 staff, including 14 trainees are employed at the WOLFFKRAN Plant in Heilbronn.

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Austrasse 72, 74076 Heilbronn

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WOLFFKRAN Plant Luckau, Germany


The »Heilbronn Giants« from Luckau

In order to meet the growing international demand for WOLFF tower cranes, the corner stone for a new manufacturing facility is laid in Luckau in Brandenburg end 2007. The plant opens in 2008 and provides 125 jobs in the region.

Initially only tower elements and components were manufactured in Brandenburg. In the meantime, all cranes of the WOLFF clear series are manufactured there and sent to customers around the world.

At present, approx. 130 staff, including 3 trainees are employed in the production and logistics departments of the WOLFFKRAN Plant in Brandenburg.

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Frederik-Ipsen-Straße 5, 15926 Luckau

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