WOLFFKRAN IS FAMILY! - bauma 2022 preview

23.06.2022 | Press Release

Munich – June 2022. True to its motto, "Wolffkran is Family", the crane manufacturer is presenting a new concept: the WOLFF 21 FX crane family. It will be joined by the WOLFF 8076 Compact, Wolffkran's first trolley jib crane in the 800 mt. Other bauma premieres are the latest WOLFF 235 B luffing jib crane and two new WOLFF tower sections: the 6-meter TV 60 and the reinforced 1.5-meter TV 15. Also highlighted is a patent-pending technology that will be demonstrated live at the booth. Last but not least, a proven member of the WOLFF family is not to be missed: the best-selling WOLFF 7534 Clear. An exhibition line-up that impressively showcases the crane manufacturer's comprehensive range of products and services.

Family ties – three of a kind

At the heart of Wolffkran's bauma motto stands the WOLFF 7021 FX, the largest model of the new WOLFF 21 FX crane family. The three flat-top crane models that make up the family, the WOLFF 6021 FX, 6521 FX, and 7021 FX, all have a tip load capacity of 2.1 tonnes. They cover the much demanded 141 to 200 tonne-meter range and share the same basic components. Beyond numerous economic advantages, this results in maximum flexibility for customers in terms of model selection and availability.

Precise positioning without load sway

As a special highlight, a technological milestone paving the way to the autonomous crane of tomorrow will be demonstrated live on the WOLFF FX 7021 at the booth: The patent-pending WOLFF High-Speed Positioning System, which virtually eliminates load sway. Wolffkran is the first manufacturer in the industry to develop and launch such an assistance system, significantly increasing safety and work efficiency on construction sites.

Compact XXL Crane

Stand-alone or in a pack? The WOLFF 8076 Compact can do both. Launched in 2021, Wolffkran's first saddle jib crane in the 800 mt class with a reduced tower top and an impressive tip load capacity of 8.4 tonnes at 80 meters will debut at bauma. Testimony to the fact that performance and compactness are not contradictory at Wolffkran.

City all-rounder on a slender tower

With the WOLFF 235 B, Wolffkran will be presenting its newest luffing jib crane at bauma. Following its market release in 2020, the city all-rounder is coming to Munich on a 1.5-meter tower section. Thanks to a new connecting frame, the luffer with a 2-meter tower connection can now be placed on 1.5-meter tower systems, such as the new TV 15 tower system, with a freestanding height up to 41 meters.

An impressive sight: the TV 60 XXL tower section

Seen alongside the TV 15, the size of the TV 60 becomes apparent. The new tower section, boasting the impressive dimension of 6 x 6 meters, was developed in 2020 for a high-altitude dam project, where it serves as a solid base for two 90-meter freestanding WOLFF 1250 B luffing jib cranes. Although the sight of the two "wolffs" against the breathtaking backdrop of the Bernese Alps is well worth a trip, Wolffkran has decided to bring the XXL tower element to Munich to be admired by all.

Top-seller without a "top"

In keeping with the family motto, Wolfkran is putting the "experienced" WOLFF 7534 Clear at the side of its "youngest" family members. On the market since 2016, Wolffkran's largest Clear crane with a load capacity of 16.5 tons and excellent assembly and transport properties quickly advanced to become an international bestseller in Europe and North America.

Remote expert service on-site

Wolffkran will be presenting a new service app called WOLFF Assist at bauma. It enables technicians worldwide to stream their own field of vision directly to Wolffkran's service experts via smart glasses or their mobile devices. Technical challenges during repairs and maintenance can thus be solved immediately and in real-time on-site, putting the crane back into operation as quickly as possible.

Do you want to test the functions of WOLFF Assist and the service glasses yourself? Visit our booth and discover Wolffkran's innovations - digital and made of steel - at bauma in October. The Wolffkran family looks forward to welcoming you to Munich!