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WOLFFKRAN Norge AS now a one hundred percent WOLFF subsidiary

09.07.2024 | News

The joint venture concluded between Mikkelsen AS and WOLFFKRAN Holding AG at the end of 2021 was dissolved on June 13, 2024. The company WOLFFKRAN Norge AS now belongs entirely to WOLFFKRAN Holding AG and is a one hundred percent subsidiary.

After a successful initial phase of WOLFFKRAN Norge AS, the current market conditions brought new challenges, leading to an agreement with Mikkelsen AS that a wholly-owned subsidiary can more flexibly and efficiently meet the requirements of the Norwegian construction sector.

Operationally, the company continues to be led by CTO, Operations Manager, and Managing Director Frank Kvam. The new board of the subsidiary consists of Sven Jung (Chairman), Duncan Salt (CEO WOLFFKRAN Holding AG), and Andreas Kahl (Managing Director WOLFFKRAN GmbH).

"Establishing a company from scratch in a new market is always a challenge, and without the support of the Mikkelsen Group, these initial steps would not have been possible," says Duncan Salt, CEO of WOLFFKRAN Holding AG. "We thank the entire Mikkelsen family for their support and invaluable expertise in founding WOLFFKRAN Norge AS."