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The leader of the pack continues its commitment to climate protection

As an industrial company, WOLFFKRAN is keenly aware of its special responsibility to future generations. We have therefore neutralized our emissions of CO2-equivalent pollutants by purchasing a total of 6,490 climate protection certificates for the years 2022 and 2023 as well. We have already offset our greenhouse gas emissions for the years 2020 and 2021 by purchasing 8,070 certificates. We are glad to see that – thanks to local savings at all German locations – we have not had to offset nearly as much CO2-equivalent pollutants 2022/23 as in 2020.

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Climate protection

WOLFFKRAN is climate neutral

WOLFFKRAN is one of the first manufacturers in the industry to voluntarily compensate for its greenhouse gas emissions in accordance with the “Clean Development Mechanism” defined in the Kyoto Protocol for reducing greenhouse gases.

This means that we have had the annual CO2 emissions of our two production sites in Heilbronn and Luckau, as well as our R&D Center in Ilsfeld in Germany, measured and offset them by purchasing 6,490 climate certificates in favor of a wind energy project in Mexico for 2022 and 2023.

Offsetting 3,245 tons of CO2 emissions per year

We commissioned the external sustainability consultancy Fokus Zukunft to calculate our CO2 footprint. Applying the official Greenhouse Gas Protocol guideline, it determined an annual footprint of 3,245 tons of CO2-equivalent pollutants for our sites in Heilbronn, Ilsfeld, and Luckau.

Each emitted ton of CO2 was offset by the purchase of a climate certificate. The purchased CO2 certificates were retired and can therefore no longer be traded on the open market.

Photovoltaic in Luckau

Oaxaca wind energy project in Mexico

Using the certificates acquired in 2022, WOLFFKRAN is supporting a wind energy project in Mexico. The Oaxaca IV Wind Energy Project has an installed capacity of 102 MW, and the renewable energy it produces is fed into the Mexican power grid. This project saves 245,015 tons of CO2-equivalent pollutants per year. It helps create jobs in the construction, operation and maintenance phase and improves the distribution of energy in more remote areas on-site.

Green energy at the Luckau site

In July 2023, a milestone on the path to a climate-neutral company was also reached in Luckau, where a newly installed photovoltaic system with a 700,000 kWh capacity will cover roughly 40 percent of the site’s power needs in the future. The system saves roughly 255 tons of CO2 per year. Furthermore, electric vehicle charging columns for employees and guests were also set up and forklifts and lift trucks will be supplied with solar energy as well.

Climate protection

International climate protection measures

In 2022, our branches in Sheffield and London, UK began to extensively introduce and implement an environmental management system within the framework of the ISO 14001 norm. To that end, we hired an internal environmental consultant and implemented an environmental monitoring system as well as developed a strategy to compensate CO2-equivalent emissions with cost-saving measures and the use of renewable energies, among other things.